The Thing About Christmas

As many of us place stress on Christmas and the holidays as a time to shower our loved ones with the “perfect” gift, we all must realize that the most precious gifts we receive are given throughout the year in unexpected and non-monetary ways. Comforting your child after a bad dream, kissing your spouse good morning and good night each day, silently holding your baby’s hand as they explore the world…all of these moments shape who we are more than what we could tie up in a bow.

This year my husband gave me the gift of pursuing my dreams. My son gave me the gift of patience as we welcomed our daughter. And my baby blessed me with a giddy excitement that I will get to go wedding dress shopping again one day. This holiday season, keep in mind that the best gift we can give one another is unconditional love and support – the courage to love, live, and dream as big as we can – because internal happiness is forever, and opening a shiny new gift is fleeting.