What I’m Most Thankful for as a New Mom of Two

As we all know, Thanksgiving is a time to show gratitude for the many blessings we have in this life.  As a new mom of two children, I am still in that delicate stage where I am looking for my daily balance.  My 3 week old daughter is not even close to a schedule and rules our household with an iron fist.  My almost 3 year old is quickly adapting to sharing mommy’s attention, but does have minor setbacks from time to time.  And as a known overachiever who is unable to sit still, I get a little stir crazy stuck in my house all day as I’m unable to take an unvaccinated newborn out in public.  But there are just a few things that have brought me sanity over the first few weeks since the baby’s arrival that I am incredibly thankful for!

  • Netflix – I can’t imagine how long the nights must have seemed for my mother, grandmother, and foremothers as they stayed up late watching terrible 3am infomercials or ridiculous daytime soaps and court tv.  Thank you Netflix for filling my long nights with much missed 90’s tv series – One Tree Hill for my first pregnancy and Gilmore Girls for this – and ridiculous humor ala The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, that only delirious people would chuckle incessantly at.
  • Amazon – A day without an Amazon Prime delivery is a sad day in our household.  I’ve been a big proponent for Amazon Prime for a few years now, but I’m extra grateful during the first few months of having a new baby when you realize that there’s a certain nail clipper, booger sucker, pair of baby tights, or economy sized diaper delivery you need pronto!
  • Pinterest – My brain is a little fuzzy as I cannot consume the required caffeine I self-prescribe for human interaction, so Pinterest solves all of my life problems.  There are some super crafty and clever parents out there and it appears as though an Ikea hack is the solution to almost everything.
  • Friends with newborns – Friends with newborns are the best remedy for new mom sanity.  When I’m on a cluster feeding 4:45am bender – with burning thighs from the required baby bounce, and cotton mouth from the many nursing sessions – I know that if I send a quick, “Make me laugh at my existence right now,” request to my other new mommy friends, at least one of them is up and able to provide comedic relief.
  • Drive Thru’s – I could easily tell you every drive through option within a 25 mile radius at this point and plan my day around what one item I will get at various drive thru establishments.  The other day I purchased an Iced Green Tea from Panera, then pulled out and into the McDonald’s drive thru next door for a hashbrown (ok, and a cheeseburger).  The car puts the baby to sleep, and I get to eat with two hands while sitting in my driveway – win, win.

So what new mom survival tricks do you have in your bag of tricks?

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all and welcome to the holiday madness!