A New Baby & a New President

While pregnant, you are constantly asked, “So, are you ready?”  As if your response changes the outcome of what is about to happen.  I always answered with, “Are you ever really ready for your whole world to change?”  The media craze surrounding this year’s election, eerily reminded me of the same feelings I experienced while manufacturing a human over the last 9 months.

Today we woke up to what some publications are donning as, “a new world” – one in which there is a stew of hope, fear, confusion, promise, and to some, a pinch of, “please tell me what the eff I signed up for”.  That, my friends, is exactly what it’s like the day before you welcome a new member to your family.

So as social media ticks away with a rainbow of responses to yesterday’s events – both positive and negative – we all need to be reminded that we will never be “ready” for what tomorrow may bring. What we can do is take this life one day at a time and focus our attention to what we have direct control over – creating nurturing homes where our children, the future of our nation, can thrive.