Not Just Any Kind of Tuesday

As the minutes pass by and we approach the day our second child will be born (tomorrow at 7:45am to be exact!), I’ve received about a dozen text messages asking me if I’m resting in preparation for the events of tomorrow.  I answer each inquiry with a chuckle as the crazy reality is that I still have yet to even pack my hospital bag.

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been preoccupied with work, launching Mix + Patch, and let’s not forget the biggest feat of all – chasing after a two-year-old – but having conquered labor, delivery, and raising one healthy, happy human, almost makes the second time around another “to-do” for the week:

  • Do laundry
  • Go food shopping
  • Have a major surgery to have a small being removed from your body
  • Make sure to pay the Preschool Halloween party dues (oh crap, I totally missed that due date!).  Write an email to the school director about not paying the Halloween Preschool party dues
  • Return home and resume life as usual

Just another week in the life, right?  Ok, I guess not so much, but hear me out.  Having your second child is almost like trying to conquering a really hard level of Super Mario Brothers.  When you go to play again, you know that you can get to that spooky castle again, but you now have a better understanding of the time, patience, second chances, and thumbs with worn skin that will be required to get there.  Not to mention that you now know some tricks of the trade (hello, who didn’t benefit from a little “up, down, left, right, A, B, start” action!?).

So while to some who do know me as being an overly prepared and planned out person, the fact that I am still receiving Amazon Prime orders of things that need to go in my bag is a huge shock.  But looking at the new skillset that motherhood has afforded me, this calm before the storm is exactly how my husband and I have been managing our lives and learning from our experiences – taking things as they come, for what they are, without over thinking it, and just living in the moment.

So now back to the packing – and onto the welcome party!  Wish us luck!