The Most Important Gift a Mom Can Give Herself

It seems as though the last two weeks have been a whirlwind – busy at work, getting things moving along with Mix + Patch, and keeping up with my son’s recent “Grocery Store” game that requires throwing food around the house and then “shopping” for it while using his hammers, screw drivers, and chain saw to fix the store ala his favorite DIY network shows.  Needless to say, it is as close to chaos at my residence as you can get and unfortunately, I can’t take it in stride with a nice glass of wine for another 3 and a half months!

For those of you that do not know – or cannot already tell – I am the purest definition of a Type A person.  I love setting goals and creating schedules.  It gives me sanity, makes me feel like I’m working towards something, and checking things off a list helps my overactive brain sleep at night.  Yes, I’m a glorified overachiever, but luckily for you, you don’t have to live with me!

Having a child puts a big halt on productivity, sticking to timelines, and meeting goals.  Things just happen – All. The. Time!  That was probably one of the biggest transitions into motherhood for me.  I swore I could figure out how to not let laundry pile up, or to keep up with the dog hair tumbleweeds in my house, and cook weekly meals so I wasn’t scrambling at 6:00 to see what frozen item I could pretend I made.  But this slowly became my reality.  And I adapted.  Then other things started to slip a bit – not replying to friends text messages IMMEDIATELY (gasp, they might think I was ignoring them or mad at them, not that I was covered in spit-up and had work emails to answer after bedtime), not shopping two months in advance for the most creative and thoughtful birthday or shower gifts (looks like another gift card will have to do this time around), and actually RSVP-ing “no” to an event when I already confirmed my attendance at another two (yes, I have mastered splitting up three parties in one afternoon – with the help of much deodorant and oil blotting sheets!).

So why, this confession now?  With the launch of Mix + Patch, I’ve tried to set some schedules in place to build the Company – social media efforts, blog posts, etc.  I had set myself to post on our blog every Tuesday.  This week, I just could not make it work.  And rather than get frustrated about it, and get down on myself for not meeting my goals and expectations, I gave myself some slack.

Understanding this gift if acceptance is one thing.  Actually doing it is another. Goals should be a moving target.  Deadlines can easily be crossed off and moved to another date.  The world continues to turn and I can wipe the sweat off my brow because things will get done…eventually.  The funny thing is, once you allow yourself to change your expectations, you’ll notice how unimportant some of the stresses we place on ourselves were to begin with.  So cheers to you a sink full of dishes and a calendar full of red X’s and erased “to-do’s” on this lovely non-Tuesday blog post day!