Mom Corleone

As New York, Metropolitan residing individuals of some Italian decent, my husband and I have committed a mortal sin…both him and I had gone our 30+ years of life without ever seeing a single Godfather movie.  Yes, we can almost hear your gasps through your laptops and mobile devices.  Well, you will be happy to hear, we bit the bullet and made it our mission to watch the first movie this past weekend.  And while it took us two nights (where we did fall asleep one and a half times during its nearly 3 hour runtime), we can now officially contribute to the, “leave the gun, take the cannoli,” references without feeling like frauds.

While my review of the movie was a bit lackluster, I did feel as though I identified with this iconic film’s star, Michael Corleone – on a more wholesome, non-gangster way, of course.  To me, Michael’s plot is similar to the journey many women take as they venture into motherhood.  Like Michael, you set your sights high to do things differently from your parents…you go to college, become a war hero (or in my case, a seasoned boxed wine connoisseur…either way, you earn some kind of notoriety), meet “the one”, and have big plans for the type of parent you will one day become, because, hey, you know better, right?

And then reality hits…little by little, the cards are laid out and you realize that the way you react and respond to the hand you are dealt is eerily similar to a lifestyle you always swore you would rise above.  “We’ll never spoil our kids and be sure to make them understand the value of a dollar,” my husband and I proclaimed.  And while I have many pinterest boards planned for chore charts and creative savings plans for a growing young mind, I found myself leaving CVS yesterday with mosquito itch relief cream and a miniature model car to add to the 7 already tossed around the backseat of my tornado hit vehicle.  “No chips and cookies in my house,” I’ve proclaimed.  But little by little, Mickey shaped chips and potty training M&M’s have found their way into my home.  While I know that I do know better, my son’s little voice and slight lisp as he says, “Pleathse Mommy,” is the definition of making me an offer I can’t refuse.

So yes, this comparison is a little extreme, but in the same sentiment, like Michael, I will instill in my son and baby-to-be that, “You don’t go against the family!” – an invaluable life lesson to span the ages.