A Stroke of Genius

Who inspires you?  Often we hear about celebrities, sports stars, CEOs, and the like, but little do we hear about the inspiration that comes your way the moment you become a parent.  For me, being a mother has inspired me in ways I never thought imaginable.  I would spend those first few (sleep deprived and semi-delirious) months of my son’s life, sitting in the rocking chair in his room, staring at his round, sweet face, just thinking of all kinds of crazy ideas – inventions, businesses plans, blog themes – various concepts all centered around this new universe I had entered.  Some of the many thoughts I had included:

“Why is it that we can clone animals and manufacture body parts off of rats, but we STILL can’t figure out a better method of child birth?”

Well I’m not a doctor so there was nothing I could do in this arena.   So then my thoughts drifted towards the many spit up filled clothes I was going through on a daily basis.  Now, I am part of the minority who elected to not find out the gender of my child before he was born – I liked the anticipation and excitement.  The stacks of brown, green, and yellow teddy bear and turtle print onesies and jumpers… not as exciting.  So in the midst of changing my son for the second time that particular morning I pondered:

“What is the point in purchasing all of these clothes when I can almost physically watch him grow out of them during my lunchtime feeding?”

Then after an afternoon feeding and subsequent change I thought, “Why are gender neutral clothes so boring? Or better yet, why does anything “baby” have to equate to ruffles for girls and sports objects for boys?”

And after my son spit up in my mouth and I cried a little, I gathered my thoughts, got myself out of stretchies and thought, “I pretend to have some sense of style, I’d like my baby to also rock his own – I mean, what better accessory can one mom have on her arm?  Louis Vouiton ain’t got nothing on Luke Charles in a cool printed t, ripped jeans, and boat shoes!”

And then at bedtime I thought, “Why was anyone ever impressed with Hodini?  My son seems to be a master escape artist in his own right, tearing through any swaddle technique I can muster.”  (Like I mentioned, I was very sleep deprived so my thoughts wandered from time to time.)

All in all, baby style as a whole is in desperate need of a revolution, but something PRACTICAL.  And then one night while I was tucked away in the nursery while my husband entertained our revolving door of baby crazed house guests, it came to me – interchangeable separates in fashion forward, but super comfortable prints.  Then another – REVERSIBLE separates to benefit from a two for one scenario, limiting the number of pieces needed in a wardrobe while also allowing me to pack my stuffed diaper bag with half the amount of clothes currently in there.  Then another – coordinating detachable hoods and other accessories to exponentially increase the combination capabilities – not to mention that my son LIVED in a bib for the first 18 months of his life… he was quite the puker, and I know a ton of moms who wouldn’t dare leave the house without a headband on their daughter in order to thwart the misguided “aww what’s HIS name” misgivings.

I mean talk about inspiration people!  So after each bedtime, middle of the night, first thing in the morning, post breakfast, afternoon, midday, and various other cluster feeding sessions, I’d exit my son’s room with the smile resembling that of the Grinch after his heart grew three sizes in one day – my heart full of a new level of love for my fast growing child, and my brain inspired with ideas for a company that would become my second (well actually my third as I would get pregnant again before launching Mix and Patch!).

So this birth story is definitely rosier than what transpired in a certain New Jersey hospital room a little over two years ago…but both products of these creations present endless possibilities!  I look forward to sharing in my journey with all of you.