Our Pledge to You

This line was designed with parents in mind. It was developed in hopes of making the hectic lives of the guardians of our favorite tiny humans, just a little bit easier and a whole lot more fun. As such, we pledge to you:

>> To not subject you to “traditional” infant and toddler style a la teddy bears, butterflies, turtle and the like…unless those animals are donning Ray Bans, eating extra cheese pizza, or depicting a scene from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days…so pretty much, a no go.

>> To provide style with comfort in mind. All pieces are carefully crafted in the softest, lightweight fabric that you yourself will want to snuggle up against. And those pesky tags…yeah, we took care of them for you with our strategically placed pockets.

>> To dress not just your first child, but your second, third, and dare we say, the others that follow (we probably should provide you with some wine as well if you’re managing a household of that size — or maybe advise that you stay away from wine). Our line will never feel like a hand-me-down as it can be changed and refreshed with a different outfit combination, or accessory swap.

>> To provide a cost effective fashionable solution…gone are the days of investing in a gender specific wardrobe, only to not be able to reuse the clothing if your next child is of the opposite sex. Lines are created with a focus on crossing the pink and blue industry standards, and for those of you who do prefer a pop of pink or a masculine hue, we offer interchangeable hood options to do just that!

>> To provide an instantaneous solution when your kid spills food or vomits all over themselves – as Missy Elliott so poetically put it, just take that thang off, flip it, and reverse it!

>> And last but most certainly not least, we promise to bring a smile to every little old lady that comes in contact with your adorably donned children.

Go ahead and see for yourself. Then let us know what other promises you see this line providing!

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